16 Dec 2020

Dewatering equipment such as centrifuges are often made of steel, a material that generates around 2000kg of CO2-emission for every tonne produced

When a renovated decanter centrifuge is put back into service, a significant environmental saving is obtained; In relation to a new centrifuge an equivalent of 8 metric tonnes CO2-emissions is saved.

This corresponds to the CO2-emissions of driving around 40 000 km with an average car, or all the way around the world!

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25 Nov 2020

Decanter centrifuges often holds a crucial position in waste water treatment plants. Running long hours and often around the clock, they will eventually wear out and need to be repaired.

At the Noxon workshop in Fjärås we have extensive experience in renovating rotors for decanter centrifuges. This is a service that we have offered our customer since the company started in 1987.

The operations includes sand blasting, welding, turning, hard-metal application and balancing. When delivered the decanter is set to operate for another period of  long term sludge treatment at the wastewater treatment plant.



20 Oct 2020

We welcome Kristian Skoglund to the Noxon After Sales Team! Kristian joined Noxon this autumn and will contribute to the service activities on the Noxon installed base around the globe

02 Oct 2020

With a fully equipped service cars and highly skilled technicians, Noxon gives top service to our customers.



28 Aug 2020

We are happy to announce that Martin Eveborn will take on a new challenge within Noxon.

Starting from September, Martin will lead the technical department as Technical Manager.

Martin has a vast experience as a mechanical engineer and designer and has contributed greatly to Noxons work over the past 3 years.

Congratulations Martin and good luck!


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